Mobility is changing rapidly as the world moves away from its dependence on fossil fuels.  Electrified vehicles will be a lasting solution that enable new uses, reducing the overall environmental impact, from the sourcing of abundant raw materials to recycling and reuse. Recognized at COP21 as an active enterprise in the energy transition, NAWATechnologies is pioneering the development of faster, more rechargeable electric storage devices – its Ultra Fast Carbon Battery – with longer life for more enjoyable, more available and safer vehicles.

Material handling of merchandise (e.g. inventory, boxes, spare parts) within an enclosed environment, such as a warehouse or factory, is typical of future mobility demands. The design of fast-charge battery technology, combined with fast charging terminals incorporating NAWACap products enables the development of a fleet of vehicles that are always in motion and can increase logistics productivity by more than 30 per cent.

In tomorrow’s intelligent cities, transport of people and goods will have to be multimodal, with vehicles being able to charge quickly at multiple and various terminals. NAWACap supercapacitors are ideally suited for autonomous vehicles (shuttles, buses, shared cars, bicycles, etc) which can be recharged in a few seconds when vehicles are at rest, e.g. at bus stops. They enable more flexibility and make the transport network reliable, reducing maintenance costs and eliminating CO2 emissions.


Professional portable electric tools (drills, saws, hammers, etc) are currently provided with lithium-ion battery packs with a recharge time of three hours. In many cases, these battery packs may have to be replaced as many as twenty times over the life of the power tool itself. A pack of NAWACap ultracapacitors provide the same function, while being eight times lighter than lithium-ion batteries and with a lifespan greater than that of the power tool. The key: charging it more often whereas every charge takes a fraction of the recharge time of existing batteries.


Under the ocean or in space, where environments are especially harsh, in order to meet power peaks, today’s batteries are oversized and, in turn, heavy. NAWACap products are an innovative energy storage solution, with the advantage of being more powerful, lighter, more reliable, longer lasting and easier to incorporate into system solutions. Over time NAWACap solutions will replace the actuators that trigger the opening of aircraft doors or enable the separation of the stages of a satellite launcher.


By 2030, more than 80 billion autonomous connected objects will connect people and machines. To supply them with energy, current technologies will no longer be sufficient. The products developed by NAWA are particularly well suited to the consumption profile of these devices, which already require short-term power peaks for data transmission.

The use of NAWACap cells reduces the size of conventional lithium batteries, reduces the size and volume of the devices, and reduces their heating and ageing. They are also particularly effective in extreme configurations and are the most efficient at high frequencies. NAWA is THE storage solution for the IoT.

Smart communicating sensors will be deployed massively in industry, home and health. They will provide greater safety, comfort and economy. They will monitor the transport (logistics) chain, the hot or cold chain, the quality of networks of all kinds up to our physiological data. The compactness of such systems will be one of the key factors. A hybrid system that combines a Lithium battery (rechargeable or not) and a NAWACap Power reduces the size of a system by 55% while relieving the battery in terms of current level. Smaller, more integrable, if you add a remote energy source (solar, thermal…) it is the open door to the design of “eternal collectors”.

Thanks to their excellent frequency and temperature behaviour, NAWACap super capacitors make it possible to design small and very reliable power supplies. They will be used in future PC chargers, PC emergency power supplies on boards and industrial controllers as well as for sensor or power supply applications in the aeronautics, space, underwater world, oil exploration and defence industries.

One of the key factor of communicating devices is the lifetime and frequency of transmission. Combining a Lithium battery with one or more NAWACap Power cells improves the lifetime by 55% in terms of the number of additional power peaks at 20°C.

NAWACap Power thus allows you to increase the transmission rate by a factor of 2 without modification. At temperatures ≤ 0°C our NAWACap Power ensures the functionality of the complete device, with Lithium batteries alone becoming inoperative.

NAWA Technologies has the ability to be integrated into very thin storage devices (< 400 microns) without losing performance. These advantages make it possible to see applications of NAWACAp Power in smart cards, thin films, packaging, flexible electronics, implantable medical devices or (wearable) textiles.


The increase of renewable energies in the energy mix causes problems to the stability of the electric grid. From securing power supply to sensitive installations (data centres, production plants, hospital equipment, airports, etc.) to the flexibility and investment of network extensions. NAWATechnologies brings new hybrid storage solutions to ensure both long-term centralized storage and short-term distributed storage.

Energies-Renouvelables-Applications-Nawa-TechnologiesThe intermittent nature of renewable energy makes it more difficult to maintain the balance between production and consumption of electricity. The new generation of high energy or high power density ultracapacitors developed by NAWATechnologies provides a solution by being able to take into account network fluctuations from a milliseconds to up to fifteen minutes, for a total operational storage cost that is highly advantageous for the network operator and the electric utility.

Charging an electric car is equivalent to the average electricity demand of five homes. The mass implementation of electric charging terminals is a major risk factor for the stability of networks. The integration of NAWACap supercapacitors into charging terminals enables faster recharging of electric vehicles while also permitting storage for the network to compensate for consumption peaks.

Securisation-reseaux-electriques-Applications-Nawa-Technologies Sensitive sites are equipped with uninterruptible power supplies that ensure the continuity of power supply by switching to a battery device or a generator until a backup is established. The ultracapacitors developed by NAWATechnologies make it possible, in all circumstances, to compensate for any failures of the electric grid in a few minutes. They are more reliable and react much faster than the incumbent lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries and do not require any maintenance.

Electric grids underlie fluctuations that are hard to predict and are critical for network and utilities. To deal with such random fluctuations, NAWACap high power density supercapacitors can inject large quantities of available energy quasi-instantaneously and are rapidly recharged in order to be quickly available again.


In partnership with world-class research laboratories and industrial corporations, NAWATechnologies is working on new solutions to better manage tomorrow’s energy.


Improved handling of high-speed impacts. Resistance of satellites to spatial debris

Financer : BPIFrance

Partners : DynaS+, THIOT, CEA, NAWA, Airbus


High energy density ultracapacitors for space launchers

Financer : European Space Agency

Partners : ALMATECH, Airbus Safran Launchers, NAWA


Carbon Fast Storage Batteries High energy density ultracapacitors for distributed storage

Financer : ADEME

Partners : NAWA, CEA Tech, EDF, SEMCO et SOCOMEC


Modular Power Energy System, intelligent hybrid storage for self-consumption

Financer : ADEME

Partners : NAWA


Storage as a Shell. Ultracapacitors and structural batteries

Financer : BPIFrance

Partners : NAWA, CEA, UCP, UFR Tours


Hybrid Storage for AGV in Logistics Hybridization of NAWACap ultracapacitors and batteries


Financer : InnoEnergy

Partners : NAWA, VITO, CEIT Group, Incaptech


High energy/high power supercapacitors for extreme environments

Financers : BPIFrance, DGE, Région PACA, Métropôle AMP, le département 91

Partners : NAWA, Thales, CEA, UCP, Pronergy et Bardot Group


Thermal interface materials, black bodies, conductors

Financer : Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales

Partners : NAWA


Autonomous Portable Object with huge Embedded Energy Storage

Financers : BPIFrance, PACA region, Métropôle AMP

Partners : NAWA, GEMALTO, Feeligreen, CEA Liten, Armines, ESIEE