• With development completed, and 9 M€ funding raised from historical and new investors, NAWA Technologies will begin the mass production phase of its next-generation ultracapacitor, the Ultra Fast Carbon Battery
  • Over the coming year, a first of its kind ultracapacitor cell production line will be installed at its Aix-en-Provence facility
  • At full production NAWA expects to achieve a capacity of over 100,000 cells per month
  • Cells will be shipped globally for various uses in a wide range of electrical systems including power tools, automated guided vehicles and sensor-based IoT markets first to receive the new tech
  • NAWA Technologies’ Ultra Fast Carbon Battery can offer five times more power than existing ultracapacitors and can be combined with lithium-ion batteries to provide a better balance between power and energy
  • Watch NAWA Technologies’ video here: https://youtu.be/i_VE3O1Geds
  • For more information, see http://www.nawatechnologies.com

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