NAWACAP is a new generation of high power and high energy density ultracapacitor.

NAWACAP Power achieves power densities more than ten times higher than existing ultracapacitors. Moreover our ESR (Equivalent Serial Resistance) is more than 10 times lower to competition with a better behaviour in temperature and in Frequency

NAWACAP Energy will make it possible to store more than three times more energy than current ultracapacitors while retaining the same power characteristics.

In the long term, the possibilities offered by our electrode material will enable us to develop hybrid ultracapacitor cells with performance levels approaching those of lithium-ion batteries or even advanced lithium batteries that will surpass current lithium batteries in terms of fast charging and lifecycle


To help our customers better integrate our technology into their products, we propose a four-step approach:
– Critical analysis of customer specifications and requirements for using NAWACap for their applications.
– Definition of new designs and operational simulations based on NAWACap solutions, based on measured missions profiles.
– Design and creation of prototypes for functional testing and validation of simulations agreed upon with the customer.
– Development of customer defined  prototypes from our pilot line, leading to serial production.


NAWATECHNOLOGIES masters all elements of the technological platform for the development and manufacturing of ultracapacitor cells and innovative batteries based on an aligned nanotube structure: for electrodes (conductive polymers, Lithium, Sodium, Silicon, Sulfur, titanate and others), for standard or advanced electrolytes (biosourced, lithiated and ionic liquid electrolytes), cell design and characterization platform

We develop new applications using the optical, thermal, mechanical or electrical properties of aligned nanotube structures. We are engaged in:
– Contracts for R&D services
– Development of solutions or products on request and realization of prototypes
– Measurement and characterization, final testing and product optimization
– Industrialization study for mass production
– License to operate and transfer technology