Our vision is to develop technologies that enable highly efficient energy transition, And the key to this is our Ultra Fast Carbon Battery Technology. At NAWATechnologies, we are developing new solutions that improve energy conversion, storage, transport and efficiency by using carbon as the material of choice. Carbon is abundant, accessible and naturally occurring. Minimizing the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes and improving the life cycle end of our products, by re-using, recovering and recycling is at the heart of what we do.

Created in April 2013, NAWATechnologies benefits from over 15 years of R&D work on nanomaterials. Today, NAWA Technologies, strengthened by its 24 employees, has its own pilot production line and creates new interface materials and an innovative generation of ultracapacitors and batteries electrodes.



Chief Executive Officer

Ulrik Grape brings over 20 years’ experience in start-up and lithium-ion battery companies. Previously EVP of solid-state lithium-ion battery company SEEO in California, Grape was also CEO of EnerDel, one of the early leaders in lithium-ion batteries. He has worked with major automotive OEMs including Volvo Cars, Think and VanHool and Compaq, Apple and Sagem in the portable electronics industry. His role will see him leveraging his strong background in bringing new technologies and companies to market, fund raising and industrializing technology.

Dr. Pascal BOULANGER Founder – CTO – COO – Chairman of the board

Since the creation of NAWATechnologies in 2013, Pascal has applied his dynamic and scientific vision to NAWA. Pascal was formerly Deputy Scientific Director of the Institute of Radiation Matter at Saclay after 10 years in charge of Research Projects within the Commissiarat Energie Atomic (the French Atomic Energy Commission, CEA) and Innovation projects at BPIFrance at the interface of information and energy technology. Pascal is a graduate of ENSEA and Supelec, and holds a PhD in physics from Orsay University and an MBA from HEC Paris.

Ludovic Eveillard, Founder & Vice President Sales & Marketing

Ludovic applies his extensive commercial experience and ambition to make NAWATechnologies a major presence on the international market. Ludovic has held various operational roles in the technology industrial sector for 20 years, both in TPE and in international corporations. Ludovic worked at Honeywell for 7 years as a Global Product Marketing Manager and then as Sales Director for Europe and Russia. Ludovic holds a PhD in Nuclear Physics from the Ecole Polytechnique and an MBA from HEC.

Harald Hauf, Product Manager

Harald is in charge of defining and designing new products: from the analysis of market needs to the marketing of the finished product. He brings his process knowledge and rigour acquired over 23 years in the semiconductor and solar photovoltaic industry. He was Director of Operations at Applied Materials where he spent 12 years in various regions of the world. Harald founded EHW Research in the field of photovoltaic solar energy, which he sold in 2014. Harald graduated from the University of Hamburg (Germany) in physical sciences.

Véronique Gay, Secrétaire générale

With a legal background, Véronique brings 18 years of experience in the various fields of Business Management. After working in finance at Deloitte France, she moved on to General Management positions in various sectors (Non-profit, communication, industry, employment), then became an independent consultant in Management and Human Resources. As General Secretary, Véronique is in charge of financial services, HR, legal, CSR and facilities management.

Founded in 1999, with 65 million euros under management, CEA Investissement is a subsidiary of CEA, which finances high-tech companies.

Demeter Partners is an investment capital management firm specializing in the environment and renewable energy sectors.

Founded in 2008, Davanière Capital Partenaire is the investment fund of Roland Rémondet, an entrepreneur in the renewable energy sector.

PACA Investissement was established in 2010 by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region to support the emergence and development of local innovative businesses. With 19.45 million euros in funds, it benefits from the support of the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund), which accounts for 50% of its capital.

Fund Manager for PACA Investissement

Created in 1999 and with offices in Paris, Lille, Lyon and Marseille, Turenne Capital, a major independent player in the field of investment capital, provides support to companies for their expansion projects (internal growth, international development, and acquisition) and in the context of operations for the transmission of their capital. The Turenne Capital group manages over 500 million euros, including 150 million euros on behalf of institutional subscribers through various funds, including Turenne Investissement quoted on Alternext and Paca Investissement, with the balance being on behalf of individual underwriters through FIP and FCPI.


Founded in 2000 through activities in the offshore oil-related sector, OPUS SAS has since diversified its holdings in areas of technological innovation.

Founded in 1999, Conseil Plus Gestion (CPG), an independent management company approved by the AMF, manages close to 170 million euros in securities, in particular through thematic funds. The investment in NAWATechnologies demonstrates CPG’s territorial commitment to innovation, entrepreneurs and improvement of the common good.

KIC InnoEnergy SE is a European company investing in education, innovation and start-ups in the field of sustainable energy.

As the leading funder of the regional economy, Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence aims to support the economic development of the Bouches-du-Rhône, Vaucluse and Hautes-Alpes regions.
Its venture capital subsidiary, CAAP Création, is involved in investment to support innovative projects with high growth potential and in equity financing dedicated to business creation.
Since its creation in 2006, CAAP Création has supported more than 100 regional companies and now manages a portfolio of 40 investments.