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Carbon Potential

A vision made reality

NAWA is a pioneer: we have created a revolutionary 3D carbon-based nano-material which enables breakthrough performance improvements across multiple application domains from energy storage to advanced composites.
Made with abundant carbon, NAWA’s Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes (VACNT) are the ultimate interface material. It can be used for reinforced composites and next-generation hydrogen fuel cell catalysts.
NAWA’s VACNT technology boosts performance, safety and reduces weight, while also consuming less raw materials.
Day after day, NAWA focuses on solving the weak points in some of the most challenging fields to secure the energy transition. For over a decade of research and development, our 41 employees based in Aix-en-Provence have been building game-changing solutions for a more sustainable world.

Unlocking three application domains



After a decade of research and development, NAWA is reaching
its industrialisation stage:
Our VACNT technology is now made available to multiple global industries.
Our talented team, composed of 10 PhD, international engineers and advanced hardware experts, has secured 26 patents and the final design of the material to be implemented in key applications.

Advanced Composites

NAWAStitch makes carbon fiber composites ultra-strong. The thin film contains trillions of VACNT and acts as ‘nano-velcro’, reinforcing the weakest parts of the composite.
Shear strength increased by a factor of 100 and shock resistance increased by a factor of 10, NAWAStitch boosts carbon fiber composite properties across a variety of products ranging from sporting products, H2 tanks and aerospace components.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

NAWA is developing a disruptive fuel cell supporting catalyst featuring embedded VACNT. This cutting-edge 3D nanoscale solution, based on high permeability channels, results in improved lifetime, less use of platinum or enhanced power at
constant M².
As the world transitions to a zero-emission future, this technology has applications across multiple
e-mobility sectors.

Energy Storage

Applying VACNT’s game-changing properties to battery systems, NAWA is at the advanced stages of demonstrating that its ultra-fast electrode technology can solve many of the challenges of solid state batteries while boosting performance.
Combining mechanical robustness, high conductivity and high permeability channels, VACNT are an ideal host for different battery chemistries, such as lithium, to achieve faster charging speed together with thinner, safer and more sustainable electrodes.



KOUROS LAB becomes unique shareholder of NAWA
with a new management team in place







Florent BERGERET – Chairman


Florent serves as Chairman of Kouros Lab, supervising strategy, marketing and communication. Florent also acts as Head of Strategy and Investments of Kouros France. He is a board observer of HysetCo and the founder and Chairman of Carbonloop and Hyliko, two companies created by Kouros.


Before joining Kouros, Florent held several executive positions in Gaz de France and ENGIE in the energy sector (R&D, energy operations, business development) and in innovative products & services for retail customers.


Florent holds a Degree in Engineering from ENSTA Paris Tech and a Master’s Degree in Energy Economics from the IFP (French Petroleum Institute). He speaks French and English.






As CEO of Kouros Lab Alain drives the transformation of NAWA from an R&D company to an industrial leader in nanocarbon products. Alain also acts as Chief Technology Officer of Kouros France.


Before joining Kouros, Alain was Head of Technology and Innovation at Alstom, then Head of Engineering and Industrialization of CNIM Système industriels.


Alain holds a Degree in Engineering from Arts et Métiers Paristech. He speaks French and English.












In a nutshell

Patent families
talented staff
years of research and development

Hot off the press

NAWA is pleased to announce that it will be present at the #IAAMobility2023 Summit which will take place in Munich 4-8 September.

Author: Tamzin Bourgier | Date: September 4, 2023

The summit is the most important industry meeting place for major decision-makers in the field of mobility. Our CEO and Sales Team are looking forward to meeting you at our stand on the Business France pavilion – C30 Hall A3.


SIA Powertrain 2023.

Author: Tamzin Bourgier | Date: June 1, 2023

NAWA will be available to meet you there:


39 Avenue Gaston Imbert 


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